Use Manta to create your own AI-powered assistant using your own data in minutes.

Set up your very own ChatGPT-powered chatbot, customize it to your liking, and load it with your very own data. Get ready to experience a smarter, personalized assistant tailored to your business and personal needs. Unleash the power of AI with Manta!

Create Your Own AI Assistant in Under 5 Minutes

Setting up your custom assistant is a breeze with Manta. No coding, no IT headaches. Customize it easily, loading it with your own data and deploy seamlessly, allowing your team to focus on what matters. Discover how quick and easy it is to create your own Manta assistant today!

An Experience Tailored Just for You

Unlock the full potential of your AI-powered assistant with Manta's robust data import capabilities. From web sites to processing text, PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, and more, you can effortlessly integrate your data to enrich your chatbot's knowledge and deliver intelligent and personalized responses. Start crafting your personalized Manta assistant today!

Tools to Empower Your Business

Discover the endless possibilities of integrating an AI-powered Manta assistant into your business. From automating customer support to enhancing your sales capabilities to personalizing user experiences, a customized assistant can provide an edge. Give your teams the tools they need to succeed today with Manta!

Provide the Information Your Customers Need

Customize your Manta assistant and seamlessly integrate it into your website. Provide visitors with a dynamic, 24/7 intelligent chat interface that reflects your company's voice and delivers meaningful information and support. Explore Manta today and transform your website into an engaging, personalized experience for your visitors!

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$39 per month
$99 per month
$499 per month
Chatbot 1 2 2 5 10
Training Words 1M 5M 5M 50M 100M
Queries Per Month 250 4K 4K 10K 25K
Chat History Limited 30 Days 30 Days Full Full
Chat Customization Limited
Website Loader 10 Pages 100 Pages 50 Pages 1000 Pages Unlimited
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Auto Refresh
API Access
Full UI Theming
White Labeling Support
Dedicated Support Team